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Facebook ads give you an added way to get more traffic from the Facebook website without having to spend a lot of time gathering friends. But ( isnt there always a but?) it doesn cost a little bit more money. Dont be discouraged. Its much cheaper than PPC!

You can use Facebook ads to promote products, advertise coupons, or a fan page in order to gain more fans.

One of the best features of Facebook ads is their robust targeting ability. You can target by location, gender, age, relationship status, political views, education status, workplace, and even by specific keywords. Anything that may be in the personal profiles of your potential customers. This targeted system raises the bar with other similar systems like Google AdWords, because you can target the exact demographic you’re looking for and it just not as competitive yet.

The great new is its still very inexpensive. Their current minimum CPC is $0.01, but you aren’t likely to get clicks that low unless you are in a very competitive niche. Still, you are getitng them cheaper than AdWords. Also, the traffic typically converts much better. ( If you know what your doing and have training in this, hint,hint).

Facebook Insights is Facebooks tracking system that will help you gather data about the effectiveness of your ads. You can find data by age, gender, and geographic location under the Responder Demographics category. You can find out psycho-graphic information under the Responder Profiles section. And the Advertising Performance report allows you to export metrics in your account such as impressions, clicks, and click-through rates. Wow!

One of the most important elements of a Facebook ad is the photo. They have some particular rules regarding the photo, so don’t choose anything too crazy while making sure the photo is has a lot of character and stay on topic. ( Now people can vote the Ad negatively so try not to offend!). Choose a photo that draws attention and entices people to click that ad.

You headline is just as important as your photo. Be sure you give people a reason to click in the headline. For example, you might offer a free report that gives people some basic information about a subject, then you can use that report to sell them a product.

As long as you’re targeting the right demographics and you have a great photo and headline, you should get very good results from Facebook ads. Even better, the traffic will also typically convert better than traffic from AdWords and other ad networks!

At Social Media Dreams we have tested ads and are trained in Facebook ad strategy. Contact us today at 323-451-2602 if you need more help or training with Facebook Ads, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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